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What Is Neurofeedback

Watch the video to see an explantion from ISNR on how neurofeedback works and read below to see how NeuroConnect can work with you to help you be the best version of yourself.

About NeuroConnect

Personalized approach to Counseling and Neurofeedback Services

Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while changing your life

There are many ways to provide counseling and there are even more ways to work with neurofeedback. Both allow a person to change their lives and better themselves. At NeuroConnect, everything is done collaboratively between client and clinician to provide powerful and personalized results. Sessions are done in a relaxed office environment with some tele-health options available.

QEEG Guided Neuromodulation

'You wouldn't do surgery before getting an x-ray, why treat the brain differently'

Forms of neuromodulation can be applied without first looking at the brain's activity. In many cases however, at the very least, looking at a baseline EEG recording helps us determine what types of neurofeedback and neurostimulation would be most effective in helping you and your brain learn to self-regulate more efficiently and effectively. QEEG is simply an analysis of this baseline EEG activity that allows us to match EEG patterns with symptom targets.

Certified, Trained, Always Learning More

At NeuroConnect, the founder/owner has a Master's in Multicultural Clinical Mental Health Counseling, is Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN), seeks ongoing mentorship and supervision with experts in the field, and continues to seek and learn new techniques and therapies that will help with a range of clients. 

Simply Get Better

Get Your Brain Into Gear with NeuroConnect

People go through life experiencing a variety of negative symptoms, ups and downs, good days and bad. Through simply connecting with another person, as well as yourself, learning to self-regulate and improve brain function, these ups and downs can be more regulated and allow you to live the life you have always wanted.


Specialties / Areas of Focus

My ideal clients are people looking to change their lives for the better through talking with someone, changing their brain behavior with neurofeedback and neuromodulation, and/or some combination of all of the above. I love working with clients who have symptoms they want to improve as well as clients looking to work on peak performance training and reaching their full potentials. I tailor my services individually to each client so as to serve them best. Some examples of what I work with are listed below.

Symptom Reduction

Attention Deficits |

Anxiety |

Autism Spectrum |

Concussion / TBI |

Depression |

Headaches / Migraines |

Mood (dys)regulation |

Sleep issues / Insomnia |

Substance Abuse |

Trauma |

Maximum Potential / Peak Performance

Focus / Attention |

Follow-through |

Manage need for (self) medications |

Performance Anxiety |

Meditation |

Restorative Sleep |

Increased self awareness |

More congruent self |

List of Some Services Offered

Counseling / Coaching|

EEG / qEEG Acquisition |

EEG / qEEG Analysis  |

Mentoring |

Neurofeedback |

Neuromeditation |

Neurostimulation |




50 S. Steele St.

Denver, CO 80209


Please leave a voicemail or text

Open Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7:30pm

All times by scheduled appointment

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