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NeuroConnect offers biofeedback, counseling, neurofeedback, and other similar therapies to help each client learn to be their best self. While the main focus is neurofeedback, I provide neurofeedback therapy alongside counseling services or on its own, depending on the client's concerns and wishes. All services provided at NeuroConnect are designed to help increase a person's ability to self-regulate naturally. Counseling can be a powerful adjunct to neurofeedback. For clients interested in counseling or consulting we have options to meet both in person and through video and phone.  Each client is treated individually and what we work on is designed to meet each client's specific needs and desires. See below for more about how neurofeedback works

what is neurofeedback and How does it work?

An example of a feedback loop is shown above: A physiological phenomena, such as a brain wave frequency range, is measured by a clinician, this data is then processed by a computer, after which the client is given real time feedback about that activity in some way, i.e. sounds playing when there is more or less of said activity. This real-time feedback allows a client to change the activity being measured. Over time, the person/mind learns more control over these processes allowing each individual to change how they feel/think. With neurofeedback we are essentially harnessing neuroplasticity and pointing it in a positive direction

Neurofeedback training gives a person the ability to change their own brain waves simply by receiving information about this activity. These changes in brainwave behavior can cause changes in a variety of things including sleep, anxiety, depression, and more. Additionally, these changes tend to be long-term changes that are brought on naturally through neuroplasticity.

There are a variety of neurofeedback techniques, systems, and types, each requiring a unique set of skills and knowledge to implement effectively. I use qEEG-guided neurofeedback  and arousal / state change neurofeedback and other types including amplitude training, referential training, alpha/theta training, Infra Slow Fluctuation Training (ISF), pEMF, and more. This broad approach allows me to work effectively with a wide variety of symptoms and treatment goals. How is all of this possible? Look to the explanation to the left. 

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